"Window dreaming" - 16 dreams of how fab songs could be



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"Who would expect that after an hour of window shopping and staring into shops from the overcrowded streets, you find yourself dreaming of finding cool 45s for little money..."

Stax 2025074 ’71 1. fuquawi – booker t & mg’s
One of the best songs Booker T & The MG’s ever recorded. I never thought they could record something like this. Fantastic funky groovy instrumental that I love to spin at parties. Heavy bass sounds and swirling organ: who can ignore that on a dance floor?
9. fry skillet – the magnets
”Mmmmh, that’s smells good, honey. What’s cookin’ for dinner?” and the other side of that killer 45 has started. “Smells almost done, honey” and the organ takes us to dinner. If there’s ever gonna be another “Frolic diner” volume, this must be the very first track. “Are you sure it’s not burning, honey?” Very very funny song. “Well, we could always go out to a restaurant…”    And what’s the most amazing? Both sides are exactly 2 minutes long.
Keys #3 from 1960
Philips 319895BF from 1967 2. when i think of you – twiggy
And here’s another dance floor killer. Top model Twiggy Lawson recorded several 45s, although only one is really interesting to people like us. There are so many different releases of this 45. I’ve chosen the Belgian release which has the coolest sleeve of ‘em all (even Twiggy agrees according to her website). It was her second release. Then she stopped for a while but restart recording in 1971 By 1976 she was singing country music.
10. rapid rainbow times - don cooper
Don Cooper also recorded a full album for Roulette, issued that same year. This side is quite poppy sounding, but I love it more than the A-side which can be found on
vol 72. Maybe it was a minor hit in San Francisco, but I don’t think he was very well known.
Roulette 45VR195069 from 1969
Decca 26200 from 1969 3. looking out my window – tom jones

For me this is the best Tom Jones song, even better than “Day by day” which can be found on vol 40. This Belgian 45 is wanted, not only for the great sleeve.
11. the pelican dance – the baronet
A honky tonk piano and a Moog-like synthesizer are sharing the leading parts here. And after a while some trumpeters are invited as well. It’s catchy and still it’s so bad that it’s brilliant at the same time. It’s released on the label that gave us Claude Francois. I’m not surprised to hear it was a club hit in early 70s discotheques in Paris.
Disques Fleche 5061172
Vegas V-71 from 1967 4. beautiful people – kenny o’dell

A beautiful pop song for beautiful people. It’s cereals for city hippies. I think this was his second 45, the first one being on Mar-Kay. Other releases were on White Whale, Kapp, ABC and Capricorn. The B-side is “Flower girl”, surprised?
12. didn’t work out - d.d. daugherty dawn
Here’s a guy I know nothing about. The sound is early 70s, the vocals too, but it’s the fantastic organ playing that caught my attention. Too bad that it’s difficult to hear the organ.
Omega International O39028 from 1973
Funckler HB45.267 from 1966 5. dreamin’ – ronnie & robyn
A duet in 1966 as if it were still 1956. It was so out-of-fashion that it didn’t sell as they were hoping to. Two more 45s followed in 1967 for the Sibra label, while this one originally was issued by Hanna-Barbera.
13. we live – xit
Haha, what are these guys doing here??? They are singing about living the Indian ways. For me the most important thing about Xit is that they emerged from Lincoln Street Exit, a band I love so much. After their Rare Earth period they had some more releases labels such as Canyon.
Rare Earth 2C006-94499
RCA Victor 47-9286 from 1967 6. you’ll go to hell – nina simone
There ain’t too many women with a voice like Nina’s This B-side of ”It be’s that way sometime” is one of my faves. Its jazzy, slow midtempo matches perfectly with the slow but sure descent to hell where all rock ‘n’ roll people will wind up one day or another.
14. black beauty – focus
Of course this is Dutch, as Focus was the band featuring Thijs Van Leer. This early 70s tune is the B-side of one of their most famous songs “House of the king”. Noboby would ever think of listening to this side or even play it on the radio, so here it is. And it’s not that bad after all.
Pink Elephant PE22542
Prestige PR-45-302 from 1964 7. the honeydripper - eddie chamblee
Another jazzy tune, but this time a rapid rockin’ sax scorchin’ killer track as a flip to a lame version of “You’ll never walk alone”. The organ takes the lead after one minute and the end is a battle between the sax and the organ, both speeding up the pace and turning all into a frenzy.
15. free yourself (los canarios)
Los Canarios, from the Canary Islands, singing in English, on a French release from around 1970. A funky rhythm, a hard rockin guitar, the everpresent horns, and more ingredients that one can find in a million songs from that year. Still I don’t think many people will ever had the chance to listen to this song that lasts at least two minutes too long…
Barclay 61435
Keys #3 from 1960 8. the swingin’ organ – the magnets
Now this is a very obscure 45. “The swingin’ organ” is indeed swinging. It’s a fantastic instrumental with some frantic guitar picking built upon a steady beat by the drums and bass guitar, but the main character here is this most swinging organ.
16. deep in my heart - dick pollack
This volume ends with another B-side. This is much much much better than I expected. I won’t ever play it a 60s party, but in a pub filled with people who just love rock music, this would fit just fine. Just standing inside the pub with a cold beer in the hand and looking outside to the shopping people, just window dreaming.
Supreme S-432 from 1973